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News!Technical competence 24/7/365

We work rigorously to become the leading hosting provider in the market and now we take another step closer to this goal and open up a chance for our customers to get technical assistance 24/7/365 via email. If you have a problem that you want to report or get emergency technical consultation regarding services like VPS, Dedicated Server, Elastic Cloud Server, Hosted Hyper-V, Colocation, or a customized server service you can now contact us around the clock every day of the yea. The service 24/7/365 technical expertise does not include a guaranteed response time and guaranteed action times. If you require a business-critical server solution and need extended service, we recommend SLA (service) for each service.


An error with of your service can depend on many factors and our experience says that the majority of all errors reported by our users are caused by factors that are within the customer's responsibility, for example, problems with websites, databases, scripts, applications and high load, etc. In the form below, you as a client state how far you want the technician to work with your urgent task, and of course we do not charge if the problem lies within Ipeers responsibility.


We want to emphasize that this contact preference shall only be used regarding matters of urgent nature and when Ipeers usual support department has closed i.e. after 16:30 before 08:00 (CET) on weekdays, public holidays, weekends, etc.


Price per hour is charged at 99 EUR .


Communication language for this service is only English.





You, the customer can mention here if you want the consultant to continue working on the matter if it turns out that the problem is outside Ipeer’s responsibility. "No charge" means that a consultant will not take corrective action if it turns out to be customer-related.

No charge
Up to 2 hours
Up to 5 hours
Up to 10 hours


Enter the security code that you see in the picture:




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