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About Us

Ipeer provides complete and cost-effective server hosting solutions, and broadband solutions with high quality. The company targets businesses, and advanced home users in the Nordic countries. Ipeer is a part of Cygate with the TeliaSonera Group

The company is based in Karlstad where offices, data centers, and operations centers for broadband and Internet access services are located. The organization has extensive experience of business-critical operation of servers, Internet access solutions and delivering hosting services including dedicated servers, colocation, managed hosting and virtual private server (VPS).

Ipeer delivers its hosting services from a data center that ensures the following elements: redundant electrical connections, redundant diesel generators, redundant Internet connections, and redundant cooling systems.

In order to deliver quality services and to ensure and deliver high levels of quality Ipeer partners with Skanova, Banverket, Teracom, TeliaSonera, Microsoft, Dell, HP and Fortigate.

Virtual private server (VPS)
Ipeer offers VPS server service where you can access your own virtual server. Virtual private server gives you the same freedom as a dedicated server at a low cost. Read more about virtual private server

If you wish to outsource your server operation, Ipeer offers colocation server hosting where you place your server in our data centers where we provide all the resources such as electricity, cooling, monitoring, and more. Learn more about colocation

Dedicated Server
Ipeer offers dedicated server where you receive a facility to hire your own server. The server is monitored around the clock and placed in our highly secured data center. Read more about Dedicated Server

We offer to manage your server. We offer an effective and tailored solution to suit your needs. Read more about IT outsourcing

Tailored hosting
provides hosting that is tailored according to your needs. We are experts in particular storage, managed hosting, and High Availability Hosting (load balancing, clustering, replication and failover). Learn more about customized hosting

Server Solutions
Ipeer has developed conceptual server solutions where you can easily operate and administer your own server solution. Examples of these are web server, mail server, and streaming server. Learn more about our enterprise solutions

Are you looking for a server solution with high scalability and at reduced cost? In virtualization technology, we have a strong focus on the VMware, Hyper-V and Virtuozzo. Learn more about virtualization

Application operation
Ipeer provides application operations that are also known as Saas. The application operation includes IIS, Apache, Exchange, SharePoint, MySQL, MSSQL, and more. Read more about application operation

Cloud Online Backup
The service is a professional online backup where you can manually back up your files or schedule multiple backups per day. Learn more about our cloud online backup services

Hosted Exchange
Hosted Exchange is a professional email solution for businesses. The service facilitates communication within the company using shared calendars, shared folders, and shared contacts. Learn more about our Hosted Exchange services

Hosted Hyper-V
It is a cloud-based Microsoft platform with high availability through failover. The service is delivered with Windows Server 2008 R2, where each virtual server is assigned dedicated resources. Learn more about our Hosted Hyper-V services.

Elastic Cloud Server
Stable and powerful cloud computing service which provides a redundant virtual server in the cloud for only 5.14 cents per hour. Read more about Cloud Computing



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A leading provider of hosting solutions with a wide range of quality services as dedicated servers, managed hosting , colocation , Hosted Exchange , Hosted Hyper-V and online backup . Ipeer also offers additional services such as web hosting , domain name , e-mail and database .

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