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Hosting in Sweden & Norway

Ipeer is a supplier of complete and dedicated server hosting solutions, VPS server hosting services and broadband solutions with high quality. Ipeer is based in Sweden.

The company is basically located in Karlstad, Sweden where offices, data centers, operation centers and internet access servers are located. It has launched dedicated server with maximum security and freedom, a next generation hosting service called virtual private server (VPS), and a flexible service with two web hosting packages.

To ensure quality services, Ipeer delivers its hosting services from a data center which guarantees more of everything like electrical connections, superfluous diesel generators, superfluous internet connections, and redundant cooling systems.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) and dedicated server are two types of Web hosting. Under a VPS arrangement, the customer leases a section of a server. A dedicated server is an arrangement whereby the customer leases an entire server.

Virtual Private server (VPS)

Ipeer offers you Swedish Virtual dedicated server hosting in which you have more resources than the shared hosting, but do not actually rent an entire server. Virtual private server (VPS), a term referred to a virtual machine which is used by internet hosting services. A VPS runs independently of other virtual servers on the computer and can even have its own operating system that differs from other virtual servers on the machine.

  • When you host your site on Ipeer Swedish VPS, your site will receive a set portion of a server's hosting resources. Generally speaking, a VPS hosting package will include a guarantee of a set amount of the server's computing resources. In addition, it will be possible to install your own software, and to reboot your section of the server.

Dedicated Server

  • Ipeer has an extensive experience in providing a dedicated server. A dedicated server is a rented server solution that is placed in our data center which is in Sweden, where the hardware is tailored to your needs. Ipeer also helps with licenses for software that you want to be installed on the server. The investment on the hardware or on infrastructure is not much though you pay a monthly fee for the hardware, if necessary, software and operations (power, bandwidth, backup, firewall, etc). Have your own server that you want to operate in our data center, which is called Colocation.
  • Dedicated server hosting solutions are typically more expensive than VPS hosting solutions. Ipeer is offering all companies to try our dedicated server free for 3 months without any hidden costs. Offer valid till stock lasts.


Ipeer also provides managed hosting services through professional hosting with consultation of a highly experienced team that have almost ten years of experience in the server industry.


Ipeer also have various server solutions so that you administer your own server solutions and can operate easily. For example, web server, mail server, and streaming server.


Ipeer has an extensive experience in storage, managed hosting, and high availability hosting.


Ipeer provides a server solution with high scalability and reduced cost. We have a strong focus on the VMware, Hyper-V, and Virtuozzo.

Ipeer also provides various other services like Saas (application operation),cloud online backup, hosted exchange, hosted hyper-V, and so on...



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A leading provider of hosting solutions with a wide range of quality services as dedicated servers, managed hosting , colocation , Hosted Exchange , Hosted Hyper-V and online backup . Ipeer also offers additional services such as web hosting , domain name , e-mail and database .

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