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Leading infrastructure


Ipeer uses only known and reputed partners such as Cisco, Dell, HP, IBM, Fortinet and Skanova to ensure proper operation and the ability to deliver quality services. All components in the data center are monitored around the clock. This allows the service to start debugging and troubleshooting within minutes.

Capacity and Redundancy

The datacenter is connected to one of Europe's most stable and fastest IP networks. The connection is made via fiber and speed is of the gigabit level. Full redundancy is added to that and is connected via a fully independent route to another city in Scandinavia. If interruption occurs traffic is switched automatically and instantly.

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

This system ensures that power surges and blackouts are eliminated and do not damage or disrupt servers and other equipment. In case of longer power failure, the UPS system ensures a smooth transition until the diesel generators are fully operational.

Cooling system (HVAC)

The data center is equipped with fully redundant HVAC systems (Heat, Ventilation, Air Condition), which ensure that the temperature in the data center is optimized for operation of electronic equipment. The system circulates and filters the air to remove dust and other particles so that they shall not disturb or damage the electronic equipment.

Diesel Generators

Our data centers are designed with redundant on-site diesel generators to allow operation even during power outage. In case of power failure, massive generators start within a minute and begin to generate power for the internal UPS engines. The generators are thoroughly tested and are always ready to ensure operation in the event of power failure.


Ipeer has installed a customized operating alarm system in which the company and its suppliers are able to remotely monitor and carry out maintenance. The data center is television-monitored by recording with the so-called CCTV by Securitas. The entrance to the data center is protected with alarms and only security guards and Ipeer service personnel have access to it.



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