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Networking & Connectivity

Ipeer through our ISP is connected to one of the world's most advanced and most powerful IP networks. The connection is done with redundant paths to the network, which is of gigabit level. The provider works with both private and public peering. Through its principal ownership of the consortium Atlantic cable TAT-14 (Opto-fiber ring linking Europe with the U.S., 15.400 mil long) and further 2 additional marine cable systems, there is a total transatlantic capacity of 120 Gbit/s. This partnership ensures our customers the best quality, safety and accessibility, which are very important factors when you connect to a web server or establish business-critical Internet applications.

At the European and North American markets, our provider possesses Tier-1 status, i.e. traffic exchange with all major players in the market, this means that we have the best possible connectivity in Europe, Scandinavia and the USA.

The network is structured so that no customers will experience abnormal delays and problems. To ensure this, we measure throughput and packet loss continuously. We are going to upgrade the network once it reaches 50% load in the core network. At 70% load, the network is upgraded. The 50/70 rule is a safeguard against over-booking of the entire grid, worldwide.

Through our provider, we offer access to the entire world, with the best possible Internet / IP quality.




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